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All About Burlington, Southeast Iowa’s Premier Destination

Home to casinos, resorts, endless recreational opportunities, and world-class shopping and dining, Burlington, Iowa has become one of Southeast Iowa’s premier destinations. Whether you’re planning a weeklong vacation or a quick overnight getaway, Great River Hotels in Burlington offers countless options for your stay.

A Rich History and Heritage

Incorporated in 1836, Burlington sits on the picturesque bluffs of the Mississippi River, along the Illinois border. The area was once called Shoquoquok and was home to the Mesquakie tribe of Native Americans. In 1834, the area was renamed Burlington after an early settler’s hometown of Burlington, Vermont. Thanks to its location on the river, Burlington made an ideal steamboat landing and was chosen as both the Wisconsin territorial capital and the Iowa territorial capital during the 1830s. Burlington’s early economy was based on lumber and pork packing, which eventually gave way to manufacturing, railway maintenance, and casinos. Today, more than 25,000 people call Burlington home, and it has become a hub for manufacturing, healthcare, education, shopping, dining, and recreation.

A Modern Center of Commerce and Culture

Bits of the past can still be found throughout the city today. Snake Alley, a twisting street built in the late 19th Century to help horse-drawn carriages climb the steep riverbank, sits in the Heritage Hill National Historic District near magnificently restored 19th Century homes. The Apple Trees Historical Museum contains artifacts from Burlington’s past. Outdoor recreational opportunities abound, including skate parks, bike trails, river and lake access, and other natural areas. Those who aren’t fans of the outdoors will find a range of shopping opportunities downtown and along Roosevelt Avenue and Agency Street. Some of the biggest draws for visitors are Burlington’s casinos and resorts, including the Catfish Bend Inn & Spa and PZAZZ! Resort Hotel.

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